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Competitive Comparisons

XpresspaX sets the global standard!

The XpresspaX Container System is the only true system designed specifically for tape and media storage and transportation.  Today, as the data being stored is more valuable and the security more critical, only XpresspaX is independently certified to offer the very best protection in the data industry. 

At XpresspaX, we know we designed a unique product for storing tapes and drives, but that wasn't enough.  We wanted to prove that the container system we sell is the best available in the world, with quantifiable science.  That's why we out-perform the competition when it comes to providing the very best protection for your media. 

What puts your tapes and drives at risk?  By working with the world's largest data storage vaults, data creators and tape manufacturers, XpresspaX has incorporated all of the concerns for safer media protection into our container system.  To prove it, we asked independent laboratories to put our containers through a grueling series of standardized tests - dropping, shaking, water and particulate penetration.

Bottom line - we out-perform the competition every step of the way!