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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are XpresspaX Containers certified by independent test labs?

     Yes. See


2.  Are XpresspaX containers certified and recommended by major tape manufacturers?

     Yes.  Fujifilm has thoroughly tested and recommends ONLY XpresspaX containers to transport and store tapes.  See


3. Do XpresspaX Containers come with a Warranty?

     Yes. See


4. Are XpresspaX Containers "fire-proof"?

     No. XpresspaX containers are manufactured using petroleum-based resins, which are naturally flammable, as is the case with nearly all plastic products, unless specifically certifed by Underwrtiters Lab (UL) or similar organizations.


5. Is it OK to use containers with foam products to store and transport my tapes?

     No. It is highly recommened by tape manufaturer Fujifilm that tapes have NO CONTACT with particulate-causing foam.  See


6. Are XprespaX containers RoHS-compliant?

     Yes, XpresspaX uses only RoHS-compliant materials.


7. Can XpresspaX containers be used in extreme environemental conditions?

     Yes, but XpresspaX recommends that you carefully test your applications for fitness of use.


8. Do you ship XpresspaX internationally?

     Yes, we ship XpresspaX containers to every corner of the world, and have resellers in various continents, as well. Contact us for details.


9. Does XpresspaX have resellers in North America?

     Yes, we have resellers that you can work with directly if you prefer to do so. Contact us for details, or click here:


10. How are tapes affected by magnetic fields and X-rays?

     Please see this detailed sheet provided by Fuji Film that explains the risks of magnetics and x-rays.


11. Is there an organization that provides additional information about LTO tapes and usage?

       Yes, please see this link for more information: