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Internal and External Contaminant Protection

xp-internal-protection.jpgThe XpresspaX container features a molded-in gasket that helps keep out water and harmful particulates.

no-foam.pngTape manufacturers' guidelines state that tapes should not have any contact with particulate-creating material, especially foam.  According to Fujifilm, it's critical to keep foam away from tapes, and foam should never be used to hold tapes inside media transport containers.  Highly-particulate foam that is commonly used in competitor's containers can wreak havoc with sensitive tapes (like LTO's) and tape drives.  Common foams break down quickly and just a tiny speck of foam material can damage a tape and the tape drive, putting your ability to properly manage your data at risk. Some competitor containers that claim to be "air-tight", actually lock-in the most harmful foams and adhesives, damaging your tapes.

XpresspaX containers use only particulate-free materials for inserts designed for tape storage and transport. 

The XpresspaX latching system and molded-in gasket provide superior protection from the ingress of particulates.

That's one of the reasons why XpresspaX is the ONLY container certified by Fuji Film.