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MasterpaX - Large Containers

masterpax-main.jpgThe XpresspaX MasterpaX line of containers is designed to store and transport computer and media-realted items - from laptops, to tape drives, to servers, work stations and printers.  You can now preserve a complete Disaster Recovery system in a MasterpaX container, helping to maintain a viable recovery plan when needed. 

MasterpaX containers are certified waterproof and dustproof - IP67 - are lockable and excpetionally durable.  Most container sizes come with corner wheels and retractable handles for easy moving around your data facility or vault.  Most containers include white polyethylene foam pieces for you to easily customize the shape and fit of the protective padding.  Many other sizes are also available.

  • H. MasterpaX 10840

      Waterproof and large enough to hold very large computer devices - large printers, servers, disaster recovery systems.  It's massive, and it's designed to take a beating.  Includes white polyethylene foam...