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samplepax-burst.jpgSamplepaX: Get a great deal on XpresspaX container system!

Like most of our customers, once you get a chance to test our containers and compare them to ANY of our competitors, you will like what you see.  XpresspaX offers the opportunity to sample each of our standard media storage containers for a great price! 

Try them out... Beat them up... Show them to customers... You’ll be back!

Order our SamplepaX and you get the following:

A: Mini Container with either Utility Spacer, or with LTO without case 6-pack insert. Available in yellow or gray.

B: Single-tray Container with any media-specific insert. Available in gray, yellow, red, purple or green.samplepax-stack.jpg

C: Dual-tray Container with any two media-specific inserts. Available in gray, yellow, red or purple.

D: One #7 Master lock, with P150 key set.

Please visit our INSERTS PAGE to see the available media-specific inserts for these containers. The MSRP for these three containers – depending on the inserts chosen –  is as much as $289.00. Because we believe that you will return as a satisfied customer, the price is only $189.00, plus shipping and all applicable taxes and fees.

Pick the colors. Pick the Inserts. We will ship the SamplepaX out immediately.

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Available Insert options



samplepax-d-lock.jpg  #7 Master Lock
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