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Why XpresspaX

XpresspaX, Inc. was founded by David Moses in 2000 to design and deliver a better tape storage solution for companies that need to transport, store and protect large amounts of data. Developed in cooperation with the world's largest media storage company and the leading tape manufacturer, the XpresspaX container system is specifically designed to be space-efficient and cost-effective, while meeting the requirements for storage facilities and transport vehicles.

Xpresspax containers are proudly manufactured in the United States using a custom-formulated high-impact resin, designed to take a beating.

Today, XpresspaX has grown to become the global leader in media storage, providing the world's most flexible media case system to leading companies and data creators around the world. The company also serves other markets that ship and store valuable items, such as pharmaceuticals and materials processing. XpresspaX is a privately held company headquartered in Massachusetts.